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Ribbon is light-blue silk with four yellow stripes and one red stripe in the center. And the promotion points are an added bonus. But ultimately, it's wrong. A gold-colored medal bearing the Air Force coat of arms with a wreath of laurel leaves. Letters of Appreciation can have just as much or even more impact as decorations. Air Force Exemplary Civilian Service Award: For clearly outstanding service supporting a command mission for at least one year or a single act that significantly contributed to command mission. Gold-colored medal design bearing the Air Force thunderbolt on an equilateral triangle surmounted by the Air Force eagle perched on a scroll inscribed "Valor" within an olive wreath. That's where we come in. When a person receives a Letter of Appreciation, they know they've accomplished something!

More on Air Force Awards and Decorations Sterling silver medal and lapel emblem bearing the Air Force coat of arms with a wreath of laurel leaves. At the lower end of the recognition spectrum is the humble Letter of Appreciation.

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Many of us just aren't ambitious and care more about doing a good job at work than about promoting our own careers. And that's natural.

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Public service awards[ edit ] Secretary of the Air Force Distinguished Public Service Award : For distinguished public service to the Air Force which translates into substantial contributions to the accomplishment of the Air Force mission.

Submitting someone for a medal is one of the easiest yet most effective things a supervisor can do. We need more examples.

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We're in the process of collecting awards and decoration examples to make the job easier. It's tough to make the decision to document substandard behavior and it's awkward to describe that behavior in writing.

This is the highest public service award bestowed to private citizens by the Secretary of the Air Force. Special awards and trophies[ edit ] Inas part of the Air Force's initiative to reduced directive publications, the eight-page AFI was released, superseding 30 previous AFIs.

For examples and format, see our Air Force Letter of Appreciation examples.

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