Women and entrepreneurship

And the Girls Summit brought together individuals and organisations to pool resources and address empowering girls and women.

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Bank loans and grants have only been used in a minority of cases and have usually been accompanied by some form of self generated finance. While men start businesses primarily for growth opportunities and profit potential, women most often found businesses in order to meet personal goals, such as gaining feelings of achievement and accomplishment.

Challenges faced by female entrepreneurs

In this society, many women inherited money and lands, and through this inheritance, became business owners. Walker, sought to provide help to many women by giving them opportunities to work. From the s to the late s, another change came about when divorce rates rose and many women were forced back into the role of being the sole provider. According to a Business Week Online article, "between and the number of women-owned companies grew G; Carter, N. Although the small businesses owned by women have traditionally been in the service sector, in recent years women entrepreneurs have been moving rapidly into manufacturing, construction, and other industrial fields. They offer free and confidential counseling to anyone interested in starting a small business. To charge what they are worth Unfortunately, the gender pay gap has remained relatively stable over the last 15 years or so. Vestil, Donna. Finally, the disparity in the salaries and wages that women earn as compared to men on average has been a factor in motivating some women to decide to establish their own businesses. As society progressed, female entrepreneurs became more influential. In the early s, study after study confirmed that women business owners did not receive equal treatment at financial institutions. In addition, many states now have a Women's Business Advocate to promote women entrepreneurs within the state. The organization scenario changes like a kaleidoscope with every responsibility, accountability and multiple pulls and pushes, which women have faced and came out with success.

Hillary Clinton stated that "Investing in women is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. One of the huge privileges for me when my husband became prime minister was the opportunity to travel, both with him and on occasion on my own, to meet people, many of them women whom I would simply never have known otherwise.

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Banks are reported to have been more forthcoming in the provision of loans once a business has begun to demonstrate a track record. Women also tend to start businesses about ten years later then men, on average. Exploration of the prospects of starting a new business enterprise.

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Lerner, M; Almor, T

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Women and entrepreneurship