Victim of love

I felt like Don was taking that song from me," Felder said. Bellotte assembled a crew of collaborators and studio musicians to write and record the backing, then informed John that he was ready for the singer, who recorded his vocals in a single eight-hour session, then seemed to forget the album ever existed.

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I remember we went in the studio and we recorded it live with five guys playing. Since the Eagles were accused of being so staid and lifeless in the studio, they decided to play live in the studio and then let people know they had done it.

Soulless disco? It all bleeds together in a wash of synthesizers, strings and thwomping bass lines. No songs by John and Bernie Taupin? Souther helped write this song.

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The only thing that wasn't played in a live session was the lead vocal and harmony on the choruses. I enjoyed it, [but] it was self-indulgent.

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The lead vocals were a source of contention, as Felder came up with the idea for the song and wanted to sing it. He was approached by an old friend, Pete Bellotte, who had become a producer working with electronic music icon Giorgio Moroder.

They lack Donna Summer 's soul and power, ABBA 's classic pop smarts or the grit that other rockers were adding to their attempts at the genre.

To distract Felder, the band's manager Irving Azoff took him out for a meal while Henley put down his tracks. Everything else was recorded live.

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Victim Of Love by Eagles