Essay on problems faced by working women

essay on working womens in english

There should be community centres at the places of work where the programmes of adult education should also be launched. One method that can be used to support equality would be to introduce legislation to guarantee equal pay for equal work.

It cause degradation of women status to a great extent. One thing that is clear is that women in all careers are striving to gain equality in the work force today. Modern woman works as a teacher,a banker,a doctor, a professor,etc.

As a result, women in India who were mostly known as homemakers are forced to go for jobs and take up even careers that were considered only suitable for men such as working in night shifts in call centers or BPOs.

Woe betides her if she falters even once or strays from the set path.

challenges a working woman faces in society

Most of our women are illiterate. However, nursing worldwide has significant disparities, notably apparent between developing and developed countries.

Women are ill-treated, man-handled, disrespected, tortured and suffer other cruelties violence, murder and suicide because of the lack of dowry at the time of marriage.

essay on problems of working womens in pakistan

It is time we gave some attention to the poor, harassed working woman who also bears the burden of domesticity. However, almost all the old traditional problems have been disappeared gradually from the society but given rise to other new issues.

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The Problems of Working Women Essay in English