A nationwide ban of cell phones

When our friends have been drinking, we take the car keys away.

iowa cell phone laws

Some 35 states ban text messaging while driving, 30 states ban cell-phone use by novice drivers, and 10 ban all use of hand-held cell phones, according to the NTSB. In fact, a cell phone user may be as impaired as a drunk driver.

Currently, a patchwork of laws governs cell-phone usage by drivers. A majority of drivers state support for a ban, but their behavior belies their commitment. Although Missouri requires school bus inspections twice a year -- one by the highway patrol and a second by a certified inspection station -- an inspection 10 days before the accident did not reveal faulty brakes on one of the buses, the NTSB said.

Cell phone laws in missouri

Distracted driving causes more crashes and deaths each year. Dashiell Bennett is the former editor of The Wire. You can be part of the solution. Passengers would still be allowed to use cell phones. During the 11 minutes prior to that incident, the driver of a pickup truck received five text messages, and sent six, and he was seen leaning over just before the accident, leading investigators to believe the driver was likely distracted when his truck plowed at 55 mph into the rear of a tractor trailer, which had slowed or stopped because of a highway work zone. Leave your phone in your pocket or purse until you are pulled off the road and parked. Classrooms are for learning. The safety board also recommended the electronics industry develop phones that would discourage their use by drivers, but could identify a car occupant's location so that passengers could use the devices. No, a quick peek at the stop light is not safe—you are likely to have to put your car in gear again before you finish reading the text. Cell phone use spread at almost an epidemic rate before the dangers were documented. By setting aside your mobile, you will be focused on driving and set an example for your passengers. Safety organizations report that 28 percent of all accidents are caused by cell phone use.

French President Emmanuel Macron poses for a selfie with a child during a Christmas ceremony for children on December 13,at the Elysee Presidential palace in Paris. The faulty brakes were not a factor in the accident, the NTSB said, because the driver said she did not hit the brakes before the crash.

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Call for a Nationwide Ban on Cell Phones and Texting While Driving